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Therapy Services

Teen girls
African American Families
Couples, LGBTQ

We specialize in these and other common difficulties: 



Low Self-esteem

Family Conflict

Parent-child Conflict

Pre-marital Concerns

Sexual Identity

Adjustment to major life changes

Unhealthy Relationships

Differences in Desire

Low Arousal

Achieving Orgasm

Genital Pain

Sexual Expression

Group Therapy

Free Initial Consultation

90 Minute Session- $45.00


Group sessions are priced per person.

Groups are limited to 8 participants.  Participation in group is based on your needs and goals established during the initial consultation.

Corporate/Group Workshops

Free Initial Consultation

Workshops are tailored to your specific needs.  Prices vary based on length of workshop and materials needed.

Our workshops are appropriate for high schools, colleges, community organizations, and corporate offices.

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • Increasing Intimacy

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Working with LGBTQIA+ Youth

  • Consensual Sex

  • LGBTQIA+ Inclusion

  • Other topics based on your needs


Signature Workshops

  • For Colored Girls Who Need A Break: Prioritizing pleasure and self-care while being a superwoman

  • Where The Sistahs At?: Creating safe spaces for Black women

  • Handcuffs, Chains, and Whips, Oh My!: Exploring alternative lovestyles 

Therapy Consultation Calls
Free 15 minute phone consultation- for basic practice information, fee structure, and scheduling availability.

Discovery Call (25 min) $75- to speak directly to the clinician you would like to work with and determine if its a good fit to work with each other.  If it isn't a good fit, the clinician will provide you with a list of names of other therapists that might be a better match.  If it is a good fit, the clinician will schedule your initial session and the $75 fee will be used as a credit towards your intake session.

Individual Therapy
Intake Session(60min)- $255.00
Regular Session (60min)- $180.00

Relationship & Family Therapy
Intake Session (60min)- $285
Regular Session (60min)- $210.00

Payment is due at time of service.
We do not accept any insurance providers.

Payment can be made via all major credit cards.

Meet Your Therapist 

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