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Especially when dating someone new, it can be hard to tell the differences between a casual versus serious relationship. This lack of clarity can lead to all kinds of confusion if all parties involved don't communicate and have the same expectations of the arrangement. Check out this article to find out some of the telltale signs of casual versus serious relationships to decipher what's happening. Read the full article on Good + Well.

Masturbating offers all kinds of healthy benefits: It can help you love and accept your body, and that love and acceptance, in turn, can have a positive impact on your self-image and well-being. But—as anyone who's ever wondered whether regularly masturbating can replace a person’s desire for partnered sex might want to know—with regards to the benefits of masturbating, does the limit exist? Read the full article on Good + Well

If you’ve been interested in adding some elevation between the sheets, grabbing a sex pillow (aka sex wedge) may just bring you closer to an, “Oh my god” moment. Check out this article in Bustle on the best ways to use a sex pillow.

The Best Sex Pillows for Pleasure

Looking for some ways to switch up your angles during sex? Or just need some support to help out your aching joints during your favorite sex positions? Check out this article in Shape Magazine on choosing the right sex pillow for you.

Quarantine & Chill

What To Know About Sex & Dating During A Pandemic.  Dating during the coronavirus? Don't let social distancing stop your vibe. Read full article on XO Necole

Learning To Finally Love Yourself

Part of an extended series by Authority Magazine, this interview with Chanta Blue, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Sex Therapist, explores topics related to self-care, overcoming personal struggles and self-love.

Prioritizing Your Pleasure During the Holidays

You may not feel you have time for it or even be into it after a long day of rushing around, but prioritizing pleasure – whether alone or with a partner – might be just the thing you need to help you cope with stress and connect with yourself, your partner or both. Read the full article on

Sex Therapy, Body Image

Making An Open Marriage Work

15 ways you can actually make an open marriage work. It's not for everybody, but it's totally doable.  So if you've ever wondered "do open marriages work", read on.

Body Image in the Bedroom

Check out our very own Chanta Blue, LCSW as a guest blogger on! She shares some great tips on overcoming the body image concerns in the bedroom. 

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