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Understanding Your Sexual Pleasure

Private Coaching

This 1-on-1 coaching session is designed to help you gain clarity about your sexuality as a whole and what it means for your sex life.  You will also have the opportunity to ask any sexuality related questions you have! 


During this session we will:


  • Take a deep dive into understanding the major components of pleasure

  • Identify what brings you pleasure and explore your fantasies and,

  • Create an action plan for you to get the pleasure you deserve

The Understanding Your Sexual Pleasure 4-hour intensive is for anyone who is looking to unlearn all of the fear-based, shameful and male-centered beliefs around what sex should look like.


We often have a very linear view of what sex should look like because we have been taught by society that sex only leads to painful consequences. And if pleasure is discussed, its centered around the pleasure of the penis.  

There are so many ways we can explore our own desires with and without a partner that is pleasure-filled and safe.

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This 1:1 Session is for you if your answer is "YES" to any of these questions

  • Are you uncomfortable with masturbation and other forms of self pleasure and nudity?

  • Do you feel confused about your deep sexual desires, attractions and fantasies that it has you questioning your sexual identity and/or orientation?

  • Do you have difficulty communicating your sexual desires and kinks to your partner and it's causing a strain in your relationship?

  • Have you felt exhausted from pandering to the politics of respectability and have a desire to be accepted as your authentic sensual self in all the spaces (work, family gathering, social events) you have to navigate?

I LOVE working with folks who are looking to prioritize their pleasure.  Whether it's helping you find time in your packed schedule for intimacy with your partner or gain the confidence needed to explore new sexual desires by yourself. 


I want you to be able to embrace and express your sexual self without the guilt that sometimes comes along with putting your needs first.

What will we be doing in the session?

1:1 Session

We will meet in-person or virtually to discuss your sexuality goals, explore your sexual history and identify the components of pleasure.

In-person sessions will include champagne and light refreshments.  


Together, we will create a detailed action plan with specific activities for you to build your sexual confidence and get the pleasure you deserve. 


This will include communication techniques, places to visit, and tools to enhance your sensuality.

Expert Advice

This is your time to ask any sexuality and relationship questions you may have.  

This service does not include follow up communication. So it's best to prepare questions in advance AND to ask them during the session.

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Your Investment

Pay in full option


*Will be charged once appointment is confirmed.

Payment Plan Option

4 payments of


*All payments must be completed prior to session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Four hours is so long! What will we be doing during this session?

A- During the session, we will be doing a deep dive into helping you understand the major components of sexuality and pleasure, exploring your sexual history and current sexual desire so we can identify what brings you pleasure, and creating an action plan for how to get the pleasure you deserve.


Q- Is this session in-person or online?

A- Both! We can either meet at my office in Montclair, NJ or virtually via a HIPAA compliant video chat system.  If we meet in person, light refreshments and beverages will be provided.


Q- Do I have to live in NJ to book the session?

A- Not at all! You can be anywhere in the world.  Appointment times are based in EST.


Q- How is this coaching session different from therapy?

A- Coaching is designed to be brief and focused solely on finding solutions for your present concerns.  This is less about processing thoughts and emotions and more about problem-solving and identifying barriers to getting the outcomes you desire.  Whereas therapy will spend a significant time exploring and processing past experiences and traumas and is designed to help you navigate and cope with a mental illness.


Q- Can I bring my partner to the session?

A- Initial sessions are only for one person.  Subsequent sessions can include your partner(s) for a separate fee.

Q- Is there a payment plan?

A- Of course! I know that $1,760 is a lot for some people to shell out at once.  If you need a payment plan, you can sign-up here.

Q- Can I use my insurance or FSA/HSA for this session?

A- Nope. Sessions are private pay.  In addition, coaching is generally not covered by most insurance companies for reimbursement.

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