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5 Holiday Gifts For Self-Care

Not sure what to get your sister friend for the holidays? Or maybe you want to #treatyourself to

something nice because this year was extremely stressful? Here is our carefully curated list* of gifts for self-care that will help you live a less stressful New Year.

1. Sex toys are the gifts that keep on giving!

Find pleasure with this personal care product. This vibrator will bring pleasure to you over and over again. Some benefits of sex toys includes helping with body confidence, boosting your immune system, and helping you sleep better. So if your looking to add some more pleasure to your life, check out this Pure Romance collection by one of our favorite NJ-based consultants. If you order this month, use code DECSHOP10 for 10% off of your entire order!! #BlackOwned #WomanOwned

2. Scented Massage Candle

These candles made by a New Jersey native can bring calmness and relaxation to your self-care routine. Since 92 is a vegan-based home and body company aimed at providing luxury multi-use products. Their candles smell so good and you can use them while taking a sensuous

bubble bath or just light while meditating at the end of the day. Plus, these planted based candles double as a massage oil!! How awesome is that?! My favorite is the Cookout!

3. Give the gift of quality tea to a loved one or friend.

Tea is known to have natural antioxidants called polyphenols which help reduce risk of some chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Green tea is known to give off the most benefits by packing a higher antioxidants punch than most teas. So any green tea variety will help with reaching your wellness goals. The Tea Company of Montclair has an online shop and a variety of loose tea to choose from. #BlackOwned

4. Adult coloring books are all the rage now.

Coloring is known to have a therapeutic effect on stress, anxiety, and depression. Coloring books like For Colored Girls Who Need a Break have a bonus of including a guided journal to be more reflective about your beliefs and feelings towards life, love, and relationships. #BlackOwned #WomanOwned

5. Meal delivery service.

Treat yourself or the busy woman in your life with a week’s worth of meal delivery service. Between working, taking care of family, trying to stay healthy and away from COVID-19 and practicing self-care, making meals may seem like a task. Take a week off from cooking and try MacroBites meal delivery system. This #Blackowned delivery service is based in Neptune, NJ however they ship meals nationwide. They have a variety of meal options and offer vegan dishes. I have tried them and their food is sooo tasty.

*Some items on this list contain affiliate links. BCWC may receive a small commission if you use these links to make a purchase.

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