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Touch Me Tease Me:

Sexual Healing & Arousal Through The Senses


This virtual workshop is designed to help you learn how to use your five senses to reconnect with your body and begin to heal from sexual trauma, increase desire, and prioritize sensual self-care

Is this Workshop For Me?

Touch is only one of the ways we can experience arousal and pleasure.  Exploring pleasure through sight, hearing, taste and smell can also heighten our level of awareness and stimulate desire.  Engaging the senses has also been a proven way to provide comfort and grounding during emotionally triggering experiences. 


In this workshop, I will teach you:

1.  The connection between the five senses, mental health and sexual arousal

2.  Proven ways in which activating the senses can support increased mood, improved body image and better sex.

3. Techniques to engage the senses during daily life and sexual experiences


You will also get an opportunity to engage each of your senses through small group discussions and mindfulness sensory practices during the workshop.


About Your Presenter

Chanta Blue, LCSW, CST
Sex & Relationship Therapist

Chanta is an author, speaker and certified sex therapist from New Jersey.  She specializes in working with women of color, and folks in romantic relationships who are interested in improving their self-esteem, experiencing sexual difficulties, premarital counseling, and exploring BDSM/kink and consensual non-monogamous lovestyles.  Her passion lies in aiding women in reducing shame related to their sexuality and finding pleasure in not only their sex lives but their lives as a whole.

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